Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual

Little book cover

Photoshop CC The Missing Manual is an amazingly information-dense manual. So much, that it's almost intimidating. However, the author does such a wonderful job at guiding the reader through the underworld of Photoshop, that you'll find yourself … [Continue reading]

Explore It! Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing


In a nutshell, software testing is exploring software in a variety of circumstances to discover what things can happen. I originally got this book because I thought it would be helpful for me when I beta test plugins. I really had no idea what a … [Continue reading]

The Hidden Power of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop


This book is aimed at an intermediate user. This book has hundreds of pictures and specific tasks are made easier to accomplish by giving them a title that makes sense, such as: Gray Day Recovery, How to Remove Vignettes, Portrait Tone and Contrast, … [Continue reading]

Member Spotlight: Marc Gura


Raleigh IDUG is full of talented designers who have created amazing projects. We recently chatted with Marc Gura, who works as a designer for Sensus, a Raleigh company that helps utilities and consumers make the most of finite water and energy … [Continue reading]

The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers


I had first heard of this book via the American Society of Media Photographers' Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow (dpBestflow®) project -a Congressionally-funded project through the National Digital Information Infrastructure and … [Continue reading]

WordPress: The Missing Manual

Little book cover

A few years ago, when I started creating my first wordpress site, I was told it would be easy. Because wordpress is based on themes! So just buy the theme you want (from a super-smart developer) and then add your content. Voila! A custom website! … [Continue reading]

February 7 Meeting: Recreating Raster Logos

Adobe Illustrator

Do you have clients send you low-res raster logos? Do they change the file extension from JPEG to EPS and try to fool you? Would ASCII art be more useful than the pixelated GIFs they send you? Well, don't just grumble about their files. Do something … [Continue reading]

Team Geek

team geek

Though marketed toward IT managers, this book is a valuable resource for anyone who leads, or wants to lead a technical team. As technical people, we're often more adept at dealing with and understanding computers, so this book will help geeks … [Continue reading]

HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps


This book is for a mobile web developer. This book will assist the advanced developer in writing fast and responsive HTML5 mobile applications. The book will also assist the intermediate skilled developer. The author assumes you know JavaScript and … [Continue reading]

Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices, Second Edition


Overview This book is for the Oracle PL/SQL programmer that is either a beginner (never too early to begin best practices!) or the more advanced PL/SQL developer. It is a highly entertaining read that covers many topics from testing your code to … [Continue reading]