About Us

The Raleigh InDesign User Group is led by volunteers. Our group was founded in 2011. We meet roughly five to six times per year, at a couple of different locations around the triangle. Our meetings are free, they last bout 2.5 hours, and are held on a weekday evening. We always provide complementary pizza and drinks. At each meeting we raffle off a variety of software, plugins, and books. The money from the raffle is put toward our Pizza Fund. Over the years, we have enjoyed meeting new friends and learning together, from one another, about our favorite Adobe software. We have three chapter reps, who are responsible for meeting topics, locations, and training. Our chapter reps have nearly fifty years combined of industry experience. We hope you can join us at an upcoming meeting!


Kelly Vaughn


I run my own graphic design and technical publishing company. My background includes creative design, production art, technical writing, and prepress. I love blogging about InDesign and Acrobat. I enjoy finding useful, unexpected ways to use software, as well as teaching others how to improve the efficiency of their design workflows. I hold four Adobe Expert Certifications and am an Adobe Community Professional. Document Geek Blog



Aaron Zalonis

11081022_10205538671698238_6233891252163454607_nI work as a graphic designer and play as a photographer and artist. Adobe products rule my life (although nothing can replace pencil, paint, paper and canvas.) I’m fascinated with the intersection of design and psychology. I love the use of technology that enables people to create things and live out their artistic dreams in a way unheard of in previous eras. aaronzalonis.com



Ginny Leigh Braun

I love to teach. I think it’s in my genes. I’m a graphics consultant and trainer who specializes in helping others make beautiful designs and presentations, no matter what software they might find at their fingertips. I am currently the Premedia Manager at McKinney where I supports many in-house systems and serve as consultant/trainer for creative software. Offbeat Premedia Blog