April 18 Meeting: Visual Design | Accessible Design


Monday, April 18, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)


McKinney – 318 Blackwell St Durham, NC 27701 – View Map

What do you do? Are you a designer, communications director, prepress technician, freelance art director, marketing coordinator, or copy editor? No matter your job title, if you work in InDesign—you spend your days thinking about visual communications. But is that enough, what about accessible design?  Join us Monday, April 18th to learn how many of us are affected, how to best design for visual impairment and what role technology plays in both visual impairment and accessible design.

Speaking of communications…we are going do something different with all those old ones you have sitting on your shelf. We’re hosting our first ever White Elephant Social complete with coffee, decaf and cookies. We’ll trade books at random, open them up and then take turns stealing the books away from each other. Here’s the details:
  • Pick your most out-of-date book that still has that one golden-nugget-of-goodness hiding in the pages. (Like that Photoshop CS effects book that you just can’t bare to part with because it does have that ONE awesome tutorial on metal effects. You know, the one that you have yet to ever actually use.)
  • Wrap it up all fancy using pretty wrapping paper, a re-used Christmas gift bag, the Sunday comics, or just the plastic bag from your first trip to Publix.
  • Bring it to the meeting (we’ll have a few extra so no worries if you live in a tiny house and have already purged yourself of anything older than CC2015.)
As always to pay for the free pizza and our meetup subscription, we rely upon our popular raffle. For only $1 per ticket, you have the chance to win books, plugins, software, T-shirts, and more. Please bring a few dollars cash to purchase some raffle tickets.

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