The Hidden Power of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop

This book is aimed at an intermediate user. This book has hundreds of pictures and specific tasks are made easier to accomplish by giving them a title that makes sense, such as: Gray Day Recovery, How to Remove Vignettes, Portrait Tone and Contrast, Freaky Amazing Details, Glowing Lines and Dust.

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Member Spotlight: Marc Gura

Raleigh IDUG is full of talented designers who have created amazing projects. We recently chatted with Marc Gura, who works as a designer for Sensus, a Raleigh company that helps utilities and consumers make the most of finite water and energy resources.

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WordPress: The Missing Manual

A few years ago, when I started creating my first wordpress site, I was told it would be easy. Because wordpress is based on themes! So just buy the theme you want (from a super-smart developer) and then add your content. Voila! A custom website! Well… Not so much. [Read more…]

February 7 Meeting: Recreating Raster Logos

Do you have clients send you low-res raster logos? Do they change the file extension from JPEG to EPS and try to fool you? Would ASCII art be more useful than the pixelated GIFs they send you? Well, don’t just grumble about their files. Do something about it! [Read more…]

Team Geek

Though marketed toward IT managers, this book is a valuable resource for anyone who leads, or wants to lead a technical team.

As technical people, we’re often more adept at dealing with and understanding computers, so this book will help geeks better understand how to work with and play nicely with other human beings. It explains such things like why geeks are generally insecure.

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Member Spotlight

Our user group has many very talented members, one of whom designed a beautiful holiday card for our group. Meet David Mejia!

Tell us about a little bit your background:

I’ve been in NC about 10 years now, having moved from Southern California. Early on I was into drawing and painting so I was destined to be Fine Art Major (didn’t like math). Illustrations for magazine articles and short stories was my introduction into lithography layout and paste-up techniques which lead me to graphic design – what else! [Read more…]

Fitness for Geeks

This book aims to get us out from behind a computer screen, and get moving in the way we were originally designed to do so. The author addresses ┬áthe all too common modern geek lifestyle of living on coffee, junk food from the office snack bar, and processed take-out food; all while we’re behind computer monitors and televisions from early in the morning until late at night. [Read more…]

Book Review: “Being Geek: The Software Developer’s Career Handbook”

Many geeks face the all-too-common struggle of successfully interacting with co-workers and employers. The days of a geek are often spent alone, behind a giant computer screen. Geeks often prefer interacting with the computer over interacting with people face-to-face… Because people are messy and act in unpredictable ways. Bosses come and go, companies shut down, but the computer is always there. It is a place of mental safety. [Read more…]