An Evening with Michael Murphy

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Tuesday, July 11, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)


McKinney // 318 Blackwell Street // Durham NC, 27701 – View Map

The Raleigh InDesign User Group, along with McKinney, is pleased to host An Evening with Michael Murphy. Michael will cover some of his favorite document efficiency tricks in InDesign, tips for honing your GREP skills, and connecting styles to HTML and CSS tags for print-to-web workflows, as well as fielding any burning InDesign questions you may have.

Michael Murphy (@theindesigner) is a Digital Media Solutions Consultant for Adobe, acting as a technical liaison to Adobe’s enterprise customers in the publishing, broadcast, and agency markets. Prior to joining Adobe, Michael spent 25 years as a hands-on creative director, pushing the limits of Adobe’s tools on a daily basis for a variety print and web projects. He’s the author of two books from Adobe Press, five video training courses on, and the creator and host of The InDesigner video podcast ( An unapologetic sci-fi and comic book lover, Michael is based in Connecticut, where he is usually being run ragged by his daughter and twin sons when not geeking out over technology, typography, or photography.

Join us for pizza and networking at 6:30, and Michael will get started around 7. As always, to pay for our expenses, we rely upon our popular raffle instead of a member subscription. For only $1 per ticket, you have the chance to win books, plugins, software, T-shirts, and more. Please bring a few dollars cash to purchase some raffle tickets.

Note: You may be able to find a spot directly infant of McKinney, but the majority of McKinney parking can be found 305 West Pettigrew Street. Click here to download a map to help you walk to McKinney from the parking deck.

Aaron – notes from March 13, 2017

Notes attached. Yes, I realize that “Fill Frame Proportionately” has legitimate uses (I realize this, post-meeting. Like realizing you’ve been mispronouncing the word “jejune” all your life and sounding like a dumdum when you’ve been trying to impress everyone around you…)

Re: Why would you need to find/change red text to another color?: You might not need to. I prefer to map everything to character styles so that I have maximum control of it (whether it’s really needed or not). The point was to show off that there are a huge number of formatting characteristics you can find/change (see page 21 or open up InDesign and check it out for yourself).

Object frames


PDF fun with Automator

Automator can do things with pdfs

On the Mac, Automator is one of the utilities that I hadn’t done anything with at all. Which is a shame, because once I opened it up, I discovered a bunch of actions all devoted to doing things with PDFs. Doing some research, I found this video showing how to batch combine jpegs into pdfs using it. I gave it a try and was surprised how fast it was (faster than trying to do the same thing in Acrobat).

Design Currency: Understand, define, and promote the value of your design work By Jenn Visocky O’Grady, Ken Visocky O’Grady

Picture Perfect Practice

Designers are sometimes seen as ephemeral beings concerned about fonts, pixels, and pretty colors (and like to use phrases like “the emotional brand experience.”) Things that, to the rest of an organization, may seem like trivial matters when compared to the things they have to deal with in their cold, harsh world.
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February 7 Meeting: Recreating Raster Logos

Do you have clients send you low-res raster logos? Do they change the file extension from JPEG to EPS and try to fool you? Would ASCII art be more useful than the pixelated GIFs they send you? Well, don’t just grumble about their files. Do something about it! [Read more…]

Member Spotlight

Our user group has many very talented members, one of whom designed a beautiful holiday card for our group. Meet David Mejia!

Tell us about a little bit your background:

I’ve been in NC about 10 years now, having moved from Southern California. Early on I was into drawing and painting so I was destined to be Fine Art Major (didn’t like math). Illustrations for magazine articles and short stories was my introduction into lithography layout and paste-up techniques which lead me to graphic design – what else! [Read more…]

Book Review: “Being Geek: The Software Developer’s Career Handbook”

Many geeks face the all-too-common struggle of successfully interacting with co-workers and employers. The days of a geek are often spent alone, behind a giant computer screen. Geeks often prefer interacting with the computer over interacting with people face-to-face… Because people are messy and act in unpredictable ways. Bosses come and go, companies shut down, but the computer is always there. It is a place of mental safety. [Read more…]