Explore It! Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing

In a nutshell, software testing is exploring software in a variety of circumstances to discover what things can happen. I originally got this book because I thought it would be helpful for me when I beta test plugins. I really had no idea what a software tester’s job entailed.

While I am not a computer engineer (and this book is written more for people who are), I really enjoyed much of this book. While some of the very technical details regarding testing were beyond my depth, I appreciated how the author explained how software testing affects people, from the development team, to the marketing team, to the end users.

There are plenty of amusing anecdotes about things such as:

  • How to design software so as to not let users shoot themselves in the foot when they get curious poking around in files that they shouldn’t.
  • If you don’t get invited to the important meetings (that you feel you should be invited to) show up anyway, but bring cookies so they’ll be less likely to kick you out.

Explore It! Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory TestingThis book would be a good read for anyone who tests software (either professionally, or as a casual beta tester for small plugins). This book will help you think differently about testing. Testing is not random meandering, but rather, a planned, focused series of experiments designed to determine how the software will react.  If you are a designer (not a programmer) the techniques in this book will help you learn to  more clearly document and communicate software issues to the programming team.


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