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Our user group has many very talented members, one of whom designed a beautiful holiday card for our group. Meet David Mejia!

Tell us about a little bit your background:

I’ve been in NC about 10 years now, having moved from Southern California. Early on I was into drawing and painting so I was destined to be Fine Art Major (didn’t like math). Illustrations for magazine articles and short stories was my introduction into lithography layout and paste-up techniques which lead me to graphic design – what else!

Along with working freelance/contract as a designer there have been stints in agencies, in-house art departments and print shops as a pre-flight, pre-press and imaging specialist (scanning, image retouching, montages and color correction). The variety of work has always been interesting and given me a chance to learn both the creative and functional sides of the digital realm.

How did you create the beautiful Christmas card artwork?

A little analog (pencil) and a little digital (Photoshop) and a lot of crumpled sheets of paper!

What is the process you go through when creating a piece like this?

I start with sketching out ideas, in this case I went through about 4 versions before deciding on this theme and general layout. Once I got what I liked, I did a more “finished” version, still keeping the drawn look then scanned it.

I starting with the scan in PSD format so I can have the drawing as the topmost layer. Then I adjust the levels on the drawing layer to give it more contrast and definition to the line work. Once that is where I like it, on other layers I start adding color to different areas and applying any filters or textures that might look good. After I have all the layers (colors, textures, etc.) done or at least as done as I can, then I flatten it and save it as a JPG.

With this particular piece I had in mind what colors I was going to use ahead of time so the final stages were simpler. On other work I’d probably have more layers to give more options on the color choices or textures that would end up being used in the final version.

What are your favorite types of artwork? (Airbrush, line drawing…)

Wow, any type of artwork that is masterfully executed is amazing to me. I tend to go more with artists and the work they do, and I don’t think I can narrow it down to one or two, but if I had to choose a few they would be

Rembrandt was amazing with light and texture. Dru Blair for photographic and realistic airbrush; Chuck Close because of the methodical way he approaches his work and my personal favorite Frank Frazetta, king of the fantasy genre.



  1. Love the holiday card. Really enjoyed looking through your illustrations and pencil work. Looking forward to future pieces.

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