Microsoft Office and Adobe together at last!


Oooh! A meeting about using Microsoft products…how fun! Said no one, ever.

You might hate Microsoft software, but it’s pretty much the standard of offices across the planet.

“Can you make that in Word?” might be one of the more soul-deflating phrases you can hear as a designer, but did you know you can rename the suffix on a .docx file to .zip and then extract the full-size images? Did you know you can place .ai files in Word (but not .pdfs)? There are tricks and hacks for Powerpoint that are quite cool. And MS Excel is one of (if not THE) bedrock program that much of Corporate American and everywhere else runs on. There are more than a few cool things it can do for you. Like placing Excel files in InDesign or quickly editing a lists of things that you can copy back into ID or any other Adobe program. Come join us for this and many more tips, tricks, hacks and cool plugins. I promise it will be fun.

Some of the things we’ll be learning include:

  • How to import an Excel file into InDesign and be able to update it in Excel.
  • Using Excel to concatenate cells (merge them together)
  • Using InDesign for separating information such as a first and last name which then gets copy/pasted into Excel
  • Powerpoint tips and tricks
  • And for the InDesign user who gets supplied RGB PDFs from Office: How to use Acrobat convert RGB rich-black into correctly-printing plain black.
  • How to create graphs in InDesign using excel, powerpoint, illustrator and fonts
  • How to get from PPT to InDesign
  • How to get to InDesign to PPT
  • Best practices for working with graphics in Office

This meeting has passed. Please contact us to be added to our mailing list so you can be informed of upcoming meetings. If you missed attending the meeting, we typed up some notes of some of the things we covered).


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