Professional Android Sensor Programming

This book is for the Android developer – beginner or intermediate. It is a highly defined illustration of the different sensors available on Android devices, how to determine if that sensor is on that particular device and also includes applications (code) that gives examples of using the different sensors. This text is so very well written and covers the different sensors in such depth that I believe (as my status of something of a professional student considering my age! hehe) it is definitely most worthy of being a treasured textbook and also maintain a prominent position on the reference bookcase that everyone has beside their computer.

As a beginning Java programmer and beginning Android developer, I am very glad to have read this book. It is very well written and easily understood by the most basic beginner. By the same token, the authors cover each sensor in such depth that more advanced programmers will assuredly benefit from the knowledge obtained from this book. The authors state, “This book is for developers familiar with programming for Android;” however beginners will benefit if they plan to use sensors in their applications. They also state (and I agree), “this book focuses on programming sensors. This focus allows sufficient space to fully describe how to process each kind of data and go beyond explaining simple uses of the APIs.” They accomplish this goal to lip-smacking satisfaction!

Highly recommended for all Android programmers, beginning, intermediate, even advanced.

Professional Android Sensor Programming ©2012

Author: Greg Milette, Adam Stroud

ISBN: 9781118183489

517 pages, $49.99

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Reviewed by Joy King

Was previously a DBA in the Air Force (a decade or so ago!), now back in school upgrading her computer skills, concentrating mostly on Database Programming – also including Web Design.

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