Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual

Photoshop CC The Missing Manual is an amazingly information-dense manual. So much, that it’s almost intimidating. However, the author does such a wonderful job at guiding the reader through the underworld of Photoshop, that you’ll find yourself standing there reading intently even though you only intended to quickly peruse it while standing at the bookstore. You’ll quickly find yourself getting drawn in and reaching for the post-it note pad to mark off something you’ll want to try soon.
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The Hidden Power of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop

This book is aimed at an intermediate user. This book has hundreds of pictures and specific tasks are made easier to accomplish by giving them a title that makes sense, such as: Gray Day Recovery, How to Remove Vignettes, Portrait Tone and Contrast, Freaky Amazing Details, Glowing Lines and Dust.

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Photoshop Masking and Compositing

David Mejia: Illustrator, designer, long-time Photoshop geek and Raleigh InDesign User Group member. Check out his portfolio at


You’re probably wondering “Another Photoshop book?” Well if you’re like me, the two areas covered in this book occupy a lot of my productive time when designing or illustrating. Masking, especially in highly detailed areas (like hair!) can be a real headache. You might already have CS6, which has some really awesome built-in tools for detail masking, but if not then the techniques in this book could really save some time. [Read more…]